Variations and rules of blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular card game that has resulted in several variations besides the traditional “21” game that most players play. With different rules and luck, these variations of blackjack offer varying levels of challenges that a blackjack player should overcome in order to succeed.

A variation of Blackjack that is available in some casinos is the Spanish 21, where 10 cards are removed from the deck. This and other variations have different rules of the traditional game that can influence the odds of house edge and a player’s gain. However, not all rule changes are in favor of the casino. Some rules can even favor the player.

Another variation of blackjack that is fast becoming popular among purists is the blackjack switch. This variation lets you play two hands at the same time. A player may also switch or swap the two main cards with both hands before starting his first move. An exciting feature of this variation is “Super Match” which pays off if your first four cards of the initial hands have two or more matching cards. The game usually starts with the same betting amounts for the initial hands.

The blackjack switch is played with the croupier required to knock on a soft 17. Also, if the dealer is 22, it is considered a push unless a player has Blackjack.

Traditional Blackjack games also have a rule that makes a dealer to stand on a soft 17 and hit hard. Some casinos, however, use a different rule that is vis-à-vis the traditional one. The dealer must stand on a 17 hard and knock on a soft 17, thus increasing the house advantage. if you do not know what a soft 17 or 17 is, a soft hand contains an ace counted as 11 while a hard hand contains no ace or ace counted as 1.

The rules on different casinos also change. Some casinos allow double down or doubling, others allow you to double on some cards while some ban it altogether. There are also some casinos that allow a double down after a slot, but a 21 is not considered a normal after a slot.

Another rule in use in some casinos is the surrender option, towards the end of which can be made or parts of the game. Before you play at a certain casino, make sure you have understood the rules of the casino regarding the double wham the bottom, the surrender and the required actions of the dealer on the soft and hard hands. This way you will avoid making the mistakes and disastrous end up losing in blackjack.

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