Uston, we have a problem

Ken Uston’s problem is marked as cheater. The problem of the gambling world, on the other hand, is flawed to achieve Uston’s amazing credentials in the game. The gaming world confuses talent with fraud.

Just who is Ken Uston and why he composed quite a stir in the world of gambling?

Ken Uston was a businessman by morning, and a superb blackjack player at night. He became famous in the gaming world for his excellent abilities in card counting – a useful tool in playing blackjack.

However, the gambling houses did not delight in Uston’s talent. Instead, they ruled him out as a cheater, banning him in Las Vegas gambling dens.

Since he was banned from gambling in Las Vegas gambling dens, he packed his bags and moved to Atlantic City. There, he started his new game career, only to be banned again after shorts while.

When the gaming world realized they could not win against Uston, he got banned from playing blackjack in all parts of the world. For this reason, his playing career has taken a downward slope and he has lost his chance for recognition as one of the greatest gambling players in the world.

His excellent playing ability should not be a surprise. After all, Uston’s summary is quite impressive for a regular player. As if being a Yale Cum Laude Magna was not enough, he also has a Masters degree in Harvard Business Administration. He was also trained in the card-count by one of the bests, Al Francesco. Al Francesco trained him with the other members of the card-counting team Al put up. There is no doubt that Uston was a genius, and that genius coupled with good training would certainly have made a superior gambling player.

The result of the ban was a lawsuit between Uston and the gambling houses. The Uston side claimed that no one should be banned from gambling in gambling houses just because of his qualifications. As long as he did not do anything against the rules, he should not be labeled a cheater. The court saw his point and ruled in his favor.

But before he could play again, he resorted to gambling in disguises just so he could enter the gambling houses. All this commotion also led to gambling dens adding more platforms to blackjack games so that card – the account would be harder. Of course, other gamblers protested against this because it was harder than they won with the additional platforms at the game.

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