Useful Strategies For HORSE Poker

Horse poker is growing rapidly in popularity, and developing a great horse poker strategy will help you succeed in making a better profit when you get the opportunity to play. Horse poker adds variety to otherwise mundane games of poker to spice things up a bit. Horse is an acronym of five popular poker games Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Eights or Better Limit Stud.

Picking a Horse Poker Table
When you have decided that you are skilled enough in all five games above to play horse poker, you should make it your horse poker strategy to find a table with a limit that is comfortable for you to play with. For example, beginning horse poker players should sit at a lower limit table until they become completely familiar with the way that horse poker is played. With each rotation of the dealer button, a brand new version of poker will be dealt, so be prepared to change your mental status as the game changes. Playing horse poker means that you must have knowledge of each game. If you lack this knowledge, you may do well in only the rounds that feature the games you are familiar with and bomb in the rounds that you have less experience in. This may mean that you win a round and then lose it back on the next round because you don’t understand the game. Be prepared to “switch gears” on the fly. This makes it hard to read your opponents because they may have totally different behaviors with each new game.

Learning Multiple Strategies
Obviously, the best horse poker strategy is to learn the strategies that are effective for the five different games in the horse poker game. A great way to do this is to practice playing all five of the games that make up horse poker in an online poker room that features free play. Many professional poker players still hone their games in such a manner. It cannot be stressed enough that horse poker is one of the most challenging games of poker in the world, simply because it takes a player that is skillful in a variety of games to win. Not everyone can excel at horse poker, because not everyone has the patience, time, or bankroll to become proficient in all five games. Practice makes perfect, especially in horse poker.

Knowing Your Strengths (and Weaknesses)
When playing horse poker, it becomes extremely vital to know your own strengths and weaknesses. You may be a world class, top notch No Limit Holdem player, but if you simply win at Holdem to lose your chips in razz poker, you will never be a successful horse poker player. Practicing the various games that make up the horse poker game and paying special attention to your weakest games will allow you to become more successful. Knowing your weakest games before playing horse poker means that you can always save your chips for games that will be more profitable for you and those games that you are a stronger player in.

You should also do your best to get a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of those people that you will be playing against as well. Often those clues are obvious, such as a player who starts to get sweaty when a certain game begins.

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