Online Casinos Site Bids to Keep Ballack at Bayern


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Online Casinos Site Bids to Keep Ballack at Bayern

Game Bookers, a leading online casinos site, has recently announced that the online gambling operator has made an offer to Bayern Munich to cover the difference in wages between the money purportedly offered by Chelsea Bayern Munich’s bid to keep the professional soccer player. This never-before done deal would see the online casinos company pick up the difference in pay to Ballack on a weekly basis, would make Game Bookers a key sponsor of Bayern Munich.

According to John O’Malia, the chairman of online casinos site, ‘Ballack is the finest player of his generation in Germany, if Bayern lost his services it would be a great loss to both Bayern to the Bundesliga. If Bayern accept our offer, it will be the beginning of a fantastic new partnership with Munich, to keep Ballack in Germany, especially with the 2006 World Cup finals coming up, this would represent a superb achievement for sport in Germany for Gamebookers.’ Ballack, with 61 caps, is the German national team captain in 2002 moved to Bayern Munich from Bayer Leverkusen. He did so after a successful Champions League campaign, in which he lead the soccer club to the final before beating the famous team Real Madrid 2 -1. Online casinos soccer fans will surely be impressed by this news.

Online casino soccer fans who are playing members at Game Bookers love the soccer played by Bayern Munich. Game Bookers is trying, through this deal, the online casino is committed to ensuring that the quality of football played by this professional team doesn’t suffer at the hs of other European clubs with fatter wallets.

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