Online Casinos Ruling Sets Precedent


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Online Casinos Ruling Sets Precedent

U.S. legislation against online casinos was complicated further recently when a U.S. court judge upheld the decision to prosecute an alleged operator of online casinos in New Jersey. Despite the lack of legislation banning online casinos in the state, the judge ruled that operating a gaming site is illegal. The decision has created more than its share of controversy both instate across the country.

The defendant in the case, Nicholas Drakos, is accused of Drakos of profiting from his venture in online casinos was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport. At the time of his arrest, Drakos was carrying $1600 in cash as well as evidence that police say indicate the money was gained through online casinos gambling. Drakos was subsequently charged with promoting gambling, conspiracy to promote gambling, money laundering. Drakos previously operated the online casinos company International Net Casino, where he gave advice on casino fans keen to learn the art of sports betting.

The case is made more conf by recent amendments to state law in New Jersey, which has legalized some types of gambling have prohibited other forms. The judge’s position on the case has been that although gambling at online casinos is not specifically deemed a crime by current legislation, neither is it deemed lawful. While the case is still at an early stage, the gambling industry is keeping a watchful eye on developments. Currently no legal precedent exists in New Jersey explicitly prohibiting gambling at online casinos.

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