Online Casinos Poker Pros Raise Money Through Auction


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Online Casinos Poker Pros Raise Money Through Auction

Poker has been finding its way into the hearts of millions, from the online casinos lovers to the full-on hockey fans. Source for Sports, a leading sports equipment site, has decided to get in on some hockey action auction off the ‘World of Poker Champions’ goaltender’s mask. The mask has been signed by poker greats such as Layne Flack, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon, Amir Vahedi, many others will be auctioned to help raise money for the Canadian American Spinal Research Organizations. It has already attracted online casinos players to place bids.

The goaltender’s mask is a work of art in itself. Sleek shiny, the outer shell is highlighted by the intricate protective ‘net’ which is part of the long facial cover. Decorative designs colors put the finishing touches on what is a unique part of hockey. Now, signed with the autographs of various poker greats, this hockey symbol will be sold to the highest bidder – either an online casinos fan, a casual gambler, or an avid hockey fan who wants to contribute to a worthy cause. This auction will surely grab the attention of many online casinos fans.

It is always uplifting to see online casinos, gambling professionals, people from all walks of life working together to help fuel an admirable cause. Many other businesses corporate establishments can learn lessons from these pioneers by creating their own fund raisers. Overall, online casinos have, like other foundations organizations, proven themselves as helpful sources of aid in times of need.

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